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Thermal Management for Industry Experts

Allow the cool air in the environment around you to reduce the heat of your circuit board. At Advanced Thermal Engineering in Huntsville, Alabama, we are always determining new thermal management techniques, but sometimes utilizing naturally occurring thermodynamic principals is the best cooling scheme available. While many of our programs, like CardTemp, search for the best way to cool everything by working within the system using computer power distribution, the FreeTemp program helps you find the best configuration of components that allows them to cool naturally.

Circuit Card Assembly

Features of FreeTemp

Professionals, such as industrial engineers, use FreeTemp to simplify the process of determining the best arrangement of their systems. It can be used with any version of Microsoft Word that was released after 2000. For both new and older computers of varying capacity, it completes its calculations and it issues you a thermal solution summary that documents all of the data that it produces.

Letting Your Circuits Breath

By determining the best form and orientations of the circuit card assembly, electrical engineers can allow the natural flow of air through their system to cool the hot components via conduction. Cool air is continuously penetrating the sides and top of the component case and FreeTemp can show you how to optimize the surface area of the components within to allow for greater heat transfer.